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Travel Restrictions

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Wear facemask

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Night Curfew

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  1. I am unvaccinated and I had covid 19 on july 06th what tests etc do I need to fly from Scotland 22nd to spain please and what are the costs ?

  2. Hello going to Spain on the 3rd of September both of us are fully jabbed and have Covid passports, have booked an antigen test in a Spanish clinic 2 days before our return and have ordered day 2 tests after our return on the 17th of september, please confirm that is all we need .thank you

    • I would be interested if that is all we do. I am going out to Spain in October. Have you done a locator form ?

  3. If you test positive for covid19 last day of isolation is in the 26th can we still travel to lanzarote on the 19th September

  4. Hello…..I am travelling to France for 2 weeks by ferry and arrive back on Friday evening…..on Sunday midday I am due to travel to Lanzarote. ..I am confused by what test when and where? Any help

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