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  1. Flying to Mallorca on Saturday 3/7 – looks like we might need a test to get in – will it be an antigen or PCR with fit to fly certificate?

    • Hi yesterday they announced that to get into Spain now you have show proof of both vaccines or negative pcr test 12 years and over this comes o to effect in 72 hrs

  2. Is a test the day before travel accepted? I have one on Monday at our local Lloyd’s pharmacy which give results in 30 to 90 mins, you then get your fit to fly certificate.
    It say in some articles test 72hrs before but surely it should be within 72hrs as the closer to travel you get it the better.
    I mean within that 72hr period u could still contract this virus 🤷🏾‍♀️ makes no sense. Its a black hole of unclear information.

  3. Hoping to fly with Ryanair to Murcia airport in July. Which tests do we need before and after our holiday, please?

    • Hey Manon! Travelers from the UK are not required to have a covid test in order to enter Spain as long as they have remained in the UK in the last 14 days.

      All passengers are still required to complete a pre-travel declaration form though. You need to take a covid test 3 days before arriving in the UK as well as book a test for day 2 and day 8 after arrival in England.

      Note that you can not use the NHS test. It must be carried out by private provider. Both antigen and PCR are acceptable – see more at

  4. i am going tenerife do i need pcr test and if so is it 72 hrs before flight day

  5. i am going tenerife do i need pcr test and if so is it 72 hrs

    • You only need a test if staying in tourist accommodation, ie hotels, not to enter Tenerife.
      A lateral flow test taken 72 hrs before reaching hotel.

  6. Do I need covid test if I’m flying to Spain but have transit in Amsterdam?

    • If you are travelling to another country via the Netherlands, you must present a negative test result. You must be able to show you have permission to enter the Netherlands. Without a document showing you have permission to enter the country, you are advised to fly there directly and not via the Netherlands.

      • What kind of test do I need? Is antigen test OK for the Netherlands? For Spain I don’t need any tests. What kind of permition do I need to enter the Netherlands? Is British passport enough or any special things?

        • A note verbale from destination country’s embassy, for example, or another type of document that proves you can travel there. If you do not have such a document, the Dutch border authorities will determine whether you may travel via the Netherlands.

          Regarding tests: The following tests are accepted if you need to show a negative PCR test result when travelling to the Netherlands: RT-PCR, PCR, LAMP, TMA, mPOCT – 72 hr prior departure. Negative rapid test result must be no more than 24 hr old.

    • Hi Yvonne, you should not be required to present a covid test when flying to Spain with easyJet. However please note that airlines may adopt own policies at any time.

  7. Just arrived back
    Fit to fly tests are available at pharmacies in Spain around 50€ 20 mins results

    • Hey there, the answer to your query is no, you don’t need a PCR test to enter Spain. 🎉 All passengers entering Spain will still be required to complete a pre-travel declaration form. Quarantine and testing on return to the UK continues to apply.

      • thats true but some airlines have been refusing boarding to passengers who do not have PCR test therefore i have appt booked for one just to be on the safe side.

        • Good call, it’s always safer to have the test – especially as airlines work with different set of restrictions. 🙂

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