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  1. Please could u advise me. Do i need a pcr test before i travel to Benidorm from the uk I’ve had both vaccines.

  2. Please could you advise the rules required when you flight from Spain back to Uk. We are both vaccinated but travelling with a 8 years old boy.
    Which king of tests we have to do? When do we have to do them? where can we buy/book them?

  3. Hi going to Tenerife on the 7th. Had double vacc and have my written certificate. Do I still need a Covid test before I fly?.

  4. I’m travelling to tenerife on the 17th August. Both myself and husband have had have had vaccines but I have a 16 year old. What test does he need to get?

  5. Going to spain early August
    Double vaccinated
    Work for nhs
    What tests / antigen test do I need on return, will I require day 2 test as work in healthcare?

  6. Hi, travelling to Spain on the 25th august from Scotland had both COVID vaccinations and my certificate, do I need to do anything else to fly? I.e COVID test?

  7. I’m travelling on the 9th of August to Spain but getting another flight later that day to Morocco i have my covid vaccine certificate what else do i need.

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